Affordable, Quick, and Delicious Recipes

Providing healthy, delicious meals for you and your children and being able to skip the fast food line is a noble endeavor, but it’s just too complicated and time consuming, right? Wrong. Here are some recipes any dad – no matter their skill in the kitchen – can fix with minimal effort and without breaking the bank.

For the kids’ lunchboxes

Beef and bean crockpot chili – This chili is tasty, easy to make, and will hold all week.
Chicken quesadillas – These cheesy quesadillas have enough going on to make them interesting, but not so much that it turns off picky eaters.
BLT wraps – What kid doesn’t love bacon? These easy-to-assemble wraps are perfect for the kids, but you’ll find yourself taking them to work too.
Panko chicken nuggets – You can feel better about feeding your kids chicken nuggets if you make them at home. These panko-crusted bites are a breeze.

For dinner and a hearty amount of leftovers

Chicken and broccoli stir-fry – With fewer than a dozen ingredients, you can make a great stir-fry that you can eat for days. Try using frozen veggies to make it even easier.
Super easy lasagna – Who doesn’t love lasagna? This incredibly easy lasagna is ready in less than an hour and only has 6 (yes, 6) ingredients.
Maple-dijon pulled pork – Another crock pot beauty, this hearty pulled pork recipe will give you meat to make sandwiches for days.
Pesto spaghetti and meatballs – This recipe is pretty easy as is, but if you want to make it super quick, you can substitute pre-made pesto and frozen meatballs.
30-minute tortilla soup – In just half an hour, you and your kids can be eating warm, cheesy tortilla soup. This recipe will only dirty a few pots and bowls!

For when you want to eat a little bit healthier

Maple-glazed salmon – Salmon is full of healthy Omega-3 acids, and with this easy glaze, it’s delicious. Pair it with beans, broccoli, or some couscous.
Shrimp with cheesy garlic broccoli mash – Want to get your kids to eat broccoli? Mash it up with parmesan cheese and garlic, and serve it under a bunch of shrimp.
Chicken and mango lettuce wraps – Skip the tortillas and put this savory chicken, rice, and mango mix into lettuce cups. Your kids will love the novelty of it!
Mexican quinoa – This flavorful and healthy dish will only use one pan. How’s that for easy?

For meatless options

Thai pineapple fried rice – Sweet, tangy, savory, and fast. Omit the cilantro for picky eaters.
5-minute omelette – In less time than it takes your kids to set the table, you can whip up some omelettes that cost less than $3 a piece.

For dessert

Chewy chocolate caramel squares – This recipe lets you “cheat” and use german chocolate cake mix, and your family will eat them up.
Tie-dyed cupcakes – These rainbow-colored delights use only 5 ingredients.

Cooking healthy food at home is just one of many (but certainly one of the most important) ways to make good choices for your physical and mental health.