Online Rainy-Day Activities That Will Get Kids Off the Couch

When kids are stuck inside on a rainy day, it doesn’t take long before you hear those dreaded words: “I’m bored!” Now that most homes are connected with computer devices, plugging into high-tech gadgets is an obvious boredom-buster. However, just because you tune into tech doesn’t mean that kids’ minds are tuned out. The internet actually provides countless options for activities that are as engaging and educational as they are fun.

Try a Healthy Recipe Together

A rainy day is a great time for kids to make healthier choices by learning the basics of cooking. You can choose from countless healthy family-friendly recipes online, focusing on dishes that combine an array of colorful foods for a more enjoyable learning experience. Loaded sweet potatoes are a nutritious and colorful option for kids to help make, and they can even add the toppings to the potatoes when it’s time to eat. For a quick snack, kids can make healthier popcorn with a popper, instead of heating it up in its original packaging.

Get Off the Couch and Move It!

Even when it’s cold or rainy outside, kids still need to move their bodies and get the wiggles out. They may not be able to run through the house, but you can use the internet for some active inspiration. YouTube is an excellent source for exercise videos with moves kids can do right in the living room. You can find options for every age and interest, including everything from silly animal moves to yoga and hip-hop. These videos are a great way to expose kids to different types of movement and dance, and those who are interested in learning a little more can explore online dance instruction videos.

Explore Your Creative Side with Art and Music

Kids have a natural inclination to express themselves through art. Being stuck inside with time on your hands is the perfect opportunity to explore art a little beyond the basics. Creekside Learning recommends several YouTube channels for art instruction, including how to draw and paint, sculpting, and art history. Kids who are interested in learning to play an instrument can find music instruction online. You can even find websites that combine music with math and science. Younger children who aren’t quite ready for more advanced lessons will love music games, such as those found on PBS Kids.

Create Hands-On Fun with STEM

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math, and it’s a hot buzzword because so many careers that today’s kids end up in will be based on STEM education. The great news for parents is that science and technology education is incredibly fun for kids because it’s a field that is very hands-on. Another STEM activity that has real-life implications for today’s kids is coding. There are free websites where learning to code is engaging for young children. Kids feel like they’re creating a new video game, but all along they are learning vital computer lessons that they can build on in the years to come.

Bring It All Together with Real-World Applications

It’s never too early for kids to start dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up. Check out real estate lesson plans to give kids a vision for how education fits into the real world. For other career ideas, Education World provides a roundup of websites that allow kids to explore a broad range of careers based on their interests. Kids who are interested in current events will enjoy reading news websites geared toward their age. Common Sense Education breaks down the options with a guide that suggests the appropriate age range for each website. 


There’s no reason to let a rainy day keep you and your kids from learning something new while having a blast. All of these indoor activities are designed for kids to explore a broader worldview right from the comfort of home. We promise that tuning into these activities will get kids moving, shaking, exploring, and thinking!


Photo credit: Pexels